My works

Now on service

Hungry – (JS) (2018)
Jubeat Clan Info – (Python 2 + Flask + MongoDB) (2017)
  • Can be used to record, view and summarize past records of Jubeat Clan.
Acrux – (Python3 + PyQt5) (2017)
  • Simple PC controller for CRUX-170HD / CRUX-320HD Harmonic Drive equatorial mount.
PyPreprocessor – (Python3 + Astropy) (2017)
  • Various scripts for data reduction in CCD astrophotometry or astrophotography.
Burgerking auto survey – (JS + PHP) (2015)
  • Performs survey for set upgrade at Burgerking automatically.
Data Waster – (JS) (2017)
  • The fastest and the most efficient way to waste your valuable mobile data.
TT4Them – (JS) (2016)
  • IME independent typing tutor for third world.
KSAT counter –수능카운터 (JS) (2016)
  • Shows time/day until KSAT.
TabletDroid – Play Store (Java (Android) + Visual Basic (PC Client)) (2014)
  • Make your Android phone to be used as a tablet(input device.)
Korea river water temperature API – (PHP + MySQL) (2014)
  • Collects informations of water temperature from, organizes, and provides access to them.
Korea river water temperature for Pebble – Pebble appstore (JS(Pebble.js)) (2016)
  • Shows stock price of Korea, and shows water temperature of nearest measuring point.
Simple file storage service – (JS + PHP) (2015)
  • Stores up to 8GB of single file. Direct link is available.
RFLP simulation – (JS + PHP) (2014)
  • Can be used to design RFLP experiment (which is common experiment in molecular biology) and simulate on web.
Naver news comment remover – (PHP) (2015)
  • Mirror of Naver news without comments.
SNU course registration automatic CAPTCHA solver – (JS (ConvNetJS)) (2016)
  • Automatically solves CAPTCHA in SNU course registration page. Accuracy is about 99.5%.


Neural style online – (Python 2 (Flask)) (Service discontinued) (2015~2016)
Jubeat Qubell Info – (Python 2 + Flask + MongoDB) (2016~2017)
  • Can be used to record, view and summarize past records of Jubeat Qubell.
BEMANI over the Korea – (업데이트 중단) (JS) (2014)
  • Shows amusement arcades with BEMANI games over the Korea.
DDR Info – Source code (Service discontinued, and source disclosed after CAPTCHA added in the login page of e-AMUSEMENT gate.) (PHP) (2015~2016)
  • Can be used to record, view and summarize past records of Dance Dance Revolution.


Simple counter – (JS) (2014)
  • Just simply counts 1, 2, 3, 4.
Awkward billiards – (Only mobile devices supported) (JS) (2015)
  • Awkward billiards. Just a little awkward… Just try.
Memorizing words – (JS) (2013, revised in 2015)
  • Can be used to memorize words (VERY efficiently)
GSHS SJ Autologin – (JS) (2015)
  • Supports autologin for GSHS student service.
Flora simulator – (JS + PHP) (2015)
  • Just a game implements some ideas from evolutional biology. very unattractive and boring…
20th general election proportional representative count realtime – Already past… (Python 2) (2016)
  • Because there was no service providing realtime informations of proportional representative count, I just made it.

Other works

Diffraction spike creator (C++) (2016)
  • Adds Diffraction spike effect on an astrophoto.
Facebook comment crawler (Python 2) (2016)
  • Collects comments of specific posts on Facebook.
Facebook autopoker (Python 2/3) (2016)
  • Automatically pokes friends who poked you.
GPGPU calibration for photometry (C + OpenCL + GTK+) (2015)
  • Performs Bias, Dark, Flat calibration extremely fast with GPU computing. FITS viewer based on GTK+ included.
MD5 minmax calculator (C + OpenCL) (2015)
  • Calculates various extreme values (min, MAX, popcount min, popcount MAX, etc…) of MD5 with GPU computing. Results are listed in:
Clone of YeeLight controlled by Raspberry Pi (C + Python(Flask)) (2016)
  • Because YeeLight from Xiaomi is too expensive, I just made the clone of YeeLight with Raspberry Pi and RGB LED. Brightness, color temperature and Hue is configurable with a smartphone, or even with a PC.
Script blocks FuckFuckAdBlock and AdBlock (JS) (2016)
  • Detects AdBlock and FuckFuckAdBlock.
Refrigerator controlled by Arduino (C++) (2013)
  • A refrigerator using a peltier element controlled by Arduino.

and some more…